Dr. Hunt was very knowledgeable and great in dealing with my dog Lucy’s emergency. Without him she would have surely lost her sight and possibly both eyes. He was very helpful in getting me appointments right away with specialists down south and being available 24/7 for questions and checkups. I can’t thank him enough

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They are already liked, and they immediately responded after hours when our dog Barney ate a raisin filled with cinnamon roll.

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Dr. Hunt and staff were amazing to my Lady and Rocky. Both had complicated medical conditions, and Dr. Hunt was available 24/7 to provide care for them when we had emergencies. Lady and Rocky loved, loved, loved coming to their appointments! I wish I had a Dr. Hunt and staff here in Indiana! Jennifer K.

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Dave and his staff were AWESOME when our lab Kake broke his leg. This was a number of years ago and Kake has since passed, but Kake always had a soft spot for Dave after months of visits!

Dr. Hunt is a blend of great technical skills and great compassion for animals. He is also very good with worried pet owners. Our dog has thrived under his care.

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Dr. Hunt and the staff are great, always willing to do what needs to be done when ever and where ever the problem is. They have helped me at my home in times of need, and always professional even in the worst of times. Everyone is caring and compassionate and allows me to make decisions

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We couldn’t ask for more from Sitka Animal hospital. Within a month span our dog, Charlotte, broke her jaw, and other dog, Dewey, tore his pad on glass and needed stitches. They were so caring about our fur babies and took such good care of them. We are lucky to have such a great vet