LucyDiagnosis: Lens Luxation

Lucy, a Jack Russell Terrier, was diagnosed with lens luxation, a serious medical condition. Left untreated or unidentified, this condition could result in the loss of eyesight or the removal of both eyes. All terrier breeds, border collies, cattle dogs, shar peis, German shepherds and certain spaniels are predisposed to lens luxation and the condition can manifest in dogs that are between 3 and 7 years in age. Please be aware that if your dog’s eyes seem irritated, it may be something more serious than pollen or allergies. Have your dog’s eyes checked by a veterinarian to determine if it is possibly something more serious. Click here to learn more about Lens Luxation.

Lucy’s eye initially appeared irritated and presented acute pain in the left eye. The eye was treated with saline washes over 2 days, but it progressively worsened and she could not open the eye due to pain and swelling. Eye pressure was elevated and acute glaucoma secondary to primary lens luxation was diagnosed. An intravenous catheter was placed and mannitol was given to reduce eye pressure. Lucy was put on glaucoma drops and referred to a veterinarian ophthalmologist in Seattle. Both lenses were surgically removed.

 Lucy’s sight was saved and she did not have to have her eyes removed.

5/5 Stars.

Dr. Hunt was very knowledgeable and great in dealing with my dog Lucy’s emergency. Without him she would have surely lost her sight and possibly both eyes. He was very helpful in getting me appointments right away with specialists down south and being available 24/7 for questions and checkups. I can’t thank him enough