Our Services & Procedures

Compassionate and High Quality Care

Wellness Care

Our wellness programs include: comprehensive physical exam; internal and external parasite testing.

Anesthetic Monitoring

Your pet will be examined during check in to ensure that he or she is in top shape for surgery that day.

Nutritional Counseling

Some pets require special prescription food and all pets benefit from a balanced diet.

Pain Management

We understand that our patients feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as people do.

Vaccination Care

When a baby kitten or puppy is born, its immune system is not yet mature; the baby is wide open for infection.

Dental Care

Regular dental cleanings are important in maintaining not only your pet’s teeth but his or her overall health as well.

Digital Radiographs (X-rays)

Sitka Animal Hospital’s new digital X-rays are far superior than traditional chemically processed X-ray films. In emergencies, precious time isn’t wasted in the darkroom. Your pet receives less radiation because the exposure can be digitally manipulated and a better quality image can be emailed to specialists.

Pet boarding

Going out of town? We understand how difficult it can be to leave your pet behind. For pets with medical conditions or on daily medications, our veterinary supervised boarding kennel can give your pet quality care – and give you peace of mind.

What Clients Say

Because They Can’t Tell You What’s Wrong

Dr. Hunt is a blend of great technical skills and great compassion for animals. He is also very good with worried pet owners. Our dog has thrived under his care.